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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance Information

Questions To Ask Yourself

-How much of my family’s income do I provide?

-Do I want to set aside money for my child’s education?

-How would my children, spouse, and possibly a dependent parent or sibling get by?

-How will my family pay final expenses and repay debts after my death?

-How will inflation affect my family's expenses over time?

-Will there be estate taxes to pay after my death?

Questions To Ask Your Agent

-Ask your agent to talk you through how to determine the amount of coverage you need, which is typically based on your income as well as debt, so you can make an informed decision about coverage.

-Does the company have a good reputation for customer service? Is it known for paying claims fairly and promptly?

-How easily will my loved ones be able to file and settle a claim? (Ask who to call and what happens after a claim is filed.) 

Life insurance is necessary to protect your family against the burden of funeral expenses and remaining debt in the event of your passing. Funeral expenses, your remaining mortgage, monthly bills, medical expenses and other bills can add up fast, so it’s important to make sure you understand how much coverage you have under your specific life policy. 

While insurance can seem like just another bill to pay, it is extremely helpful when tragedy strikes and an independent agent can help you find a great deal.

Life Insurance Coverage For MN

Life insurance comes in two main types: term and permanent. 

Homeowners comes in two main varieties: property and liability. Property covers four areas, while liability consists of two distinct areas. To find out which coverage is best for your situation, speak to a qualified and licensed life insurance professional like those at Direct Insurance of MN.

Let’s dig into these common coverages below.


Term insurance covers you for a period of one or more years. It pays a benefit only if you pass away within the term period.

This type of insurance generally has lower premiums to start with, but does not build up cash value. You can renew most term policies for one or more terms even if your health changes, though premiums may increase.

This coverage would make sense for you if you felt you only needed life insurance until your children graduate from college, your mortgage is paid off or some other large expense or debt were taken care of.


Permanent insurance provides lifelong protection. These policies usually include a benefit if you pass away, as well as cash savings. Due to the cash savings portion, premiums tend to be higher than with term.

The policy usually indicates that no loans, withdrawals or surrenders can be taken or the benefit amount may lower.

An Independent Agent Gives You Choices

Referring to your insurance person as an agent is not an accident; the agent is your legal representative to the insurance company. The agent is licensed by the state, and is required to act as an advocate for you.

An independent agent must legally put your needs first, above their own or the company you choose to deal with.

Besides this very important aspect, an independent agent has the ability to quickly cross check prices and coverage levels with dozens of different insurance companies. Rates can vary widely, so an independent agent can very likely get you a better deal than you can yourself.

Language in contracts and coverage descriptions can vary widely from company to company and state to state, so having an agent on your side who understands the business is essential.

Direct Insurance Of MN Can Help

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